Explore Athens Yachting provides its services under the following Terms and Conditions. By using the services we offer, each user agrees to abide by these terms and conditions. Explore Athens Yachting reserves the right to amend or renew the terms and conditions, at any time.

Booking Process

1.Request for availability
Please fill out the application, select the boat you are interested in, the exact dates of pick up and return to Lavrio and the number of people, giving your full details (boat rentals are prohibited to minors under 18) and any other request you may have.

In order to complete a boat reservation you have to pay 100% of the total fare.

  • Reservations canceled 90 days before the fare, is refunded by 90%
  • Reservation canceled 60 days before fare, is refunded by 75%
  • Reservation canceled 30 days before fare, is refunded by 30%
  • Reservation canceled less than 30 days before the fare, is not refundable

For any clarification or further information please contact us.

For the purposes of completing your Private Boat Rental Agreement, you are required to send us the following documents:

  • Two-sided copy of ID card.
  • Copy of your speedboat license.
  • Billing information.

2.Security Deposit
For renting a non skippered boat, a security deposit is required, ranging from € 1,000 to € 2,000 depending on the boat, to cover all or part of our claim in the event of any loss or damage to the boat and / or its equipment.
The security deposit will be returned after the rental boat is checked upon return and is in the same excellent condition that it was upon departure and after the fuel level and equipment has been checked.

3.Weather conditions
Rental and departure of the boat is carried out normally when the winds at the point of departure do not exceed the permissible limits and are permitted by the port authorities. In the event of adverse weather conditions that prohibit you from leaving on the day your booking commences, the security deposit will be refunded and the rental will be postponed for another day, depending on availability.

At least one day before departure should have informed us of the desired departure time according to your schedule. Upon arrival at the predetermined pick-up point of the boat, you will be asked to sign all the necessary documents for renting the boat and to arrange any pending financial matter.
Please be advised that during chartering an non skippered boat, you will need to bring on board the skipper’s license, and have it available for display to Port Authorities upon request.
Before embarkation, a detailed display of the boat and its equipment will be provided and you will be asked to sign a form of acceptance for the boat and its equipment.
The boats are delivered in excellent condition, with all the necessary safety certificates and documents required by law.

Specifically, you will receive:

(a) The original boat license
(b) Copy of the insurance policy
(c) Validated copy of the lease

Detailed security procedures are also provided and information on the use of the documents you are given.
The boat will be supplied with a full tank of fuel at pick-up, which you will be charged for, as fuel consumption is not included in your booking.
All actions mentioned above, can be arranged at our headquarters at any, day prior to departure, at your request, to save time.

On return of the boat, its status and equipment will be checked.
Returns are made at the designated time, at the pick-up point or wherever it is agreed on in writing, in good condition. In the event that we determine that accidental damage or damage by gross negligence or reckless conduct, was caused to the boat and/or its contents during the period of the arrangements, the lessee will have to repair it, or even if the damage is caused by a third party.
The lessee is responsible for the fuel costs throughout the booking, upon departure and return the boat’s fuel levels will be measured and the lessee has to pay to the lessor any difference in their current purchase price.

The boat is insured to cover Third Party Liability and against passengers, up to the amount stated in the Policy. The lessee has become aware of the contents of the Policy and in the event that it causes damage greater than the amount of the Policy, then he/she shall be solely responsible for the payment of the excess amount.
The passenger limit is determined by the type of boat you choose.
We are not responsible for any mechanical or other damage caused by your own fault on board, as well as for the loss of part or all of the equipment on board that you received.
Rates include: Rental rates are in Euro (€) and include fare, VAT and other taxes, security, all life saving – fire fighting equipment, according to Greek law and depending on the type of boat, equipment described on the boat in question and pick-up/drop off at Lavrio. There is an extra charge if you choose a different pick-up/drop off point.
The rates do not include the daily skipper’s fees, intermediate port fees/costs and and fuel costs.