Greece is a blessed country where summer lasts a long time and is definitely not limited to the three traditionally summer months. The sea, the night walks, the ice creams..All those things that bring us the memory of summer. Summer time is completely intertwined with relaxation, rest and not having a care in the world and these things make it impossible to say goodbye.

This is the time when the sun sets faster, tired of its summer overtime, the schoolyards are filled with kids voices and the first cool autumn afternoons begin. The summer is slowly coming to an end and the next season is near. This is the season that brings a sweet sadness.

Here, we call it the “after summer” era.

The temperature remains high, the cicadas stubbornly continue their song, and the swimsuits are still hanging around in our closets.

Perfect time for short boat trips!

The calm seas of September and the small islands, scattered like gems across the Aegean, a few miles away from Athens, make a boating holiday an ideal choice.

Small and large yachts, ribs, or high-speed boats and all sorts of boats cram into the seas, looking for the right place to anchor and offer us our last visit to the beach.

The islands near Athens and Porto Rafti, offer a multitude of choices, with beautiful beaches, others secluded, others organized, with incredible seaside landscapes and unique hospitality.

Renting a boat with or without a captain gives us the opportunity to explore the wonderful secrets of each place.

Small breaks are always necessary. A sunny Sunday is enough for a day trip, or a weekend for a short boat rental.

After all, very few things are needed in order to create some memorable summer moments and enjoy ourselves.

The Sun, the sea and some good company.

So, have a lovely ‘after summer’ !