Special Events

//Special Events

Special Events

Where do your wishes take you? Are you thinking of celebrating your birthday in an original and fun way? Do you want to celebrate a special occasion with your family or friends or make a special gift to your partner? Let’s make your wish into a reality.


Celebrations of major events are part of our memories and we want them to be unique and unforgettable to everyone. If you are planning a special event with your friends, your family or your loved one, we can arrange a special event for you in one of our boats.

Whether you are planning a birthday party, a wedding photo shoot, a wedding proposal, a bride or couple transfer to the church, or a Bachelor, contact us to find out more.

The desire to enjoy an unforgettable day on board with your loved ones, co-workers or friends, becomes the perfect opportunity to explore the Greek coasts and experience an incredible sea adventure.


Enjoy a perfect experience of traveling to your destination with safety, ease and discretion Easy access Explore Athens Yachting provides a top quality sea transfer service. [...]

Multi-Day Charters

Make memories that will last a life time with a Multi-Day Charter. Explore Through a multiday charter, you can enjoy the coast of several Greek [...]


Be the captain of your holidays and explore the magical coasts of Greece. Live the ultimate experience! Unforgettable journey With so many beautiful islands to [...]

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